A Reason for Change

ANGELA F. REASON is a life-long resident of Newport News, Virginia; raised in North Newport News and a product of Newport News Public Schools. Angela is a graduate of Liberty University and has an extensive background in training, employee supervision, finance and government administration as a previous federal contractor at NASA Langley Research Center, and current federal contractor for the Department of the Navy. Angela is skilled in business acquisition and leadership and is the co-owner of DNA Logistics, Inc., a family owned Freight Carrier Company.


Married and a mother of three, Angela is also a mentor and life coach to adolescents and young adults in the community. She is an advocate for families, small-businesses, and education. She believes that, “investing in the future of all residents requires collaboration and alignment of efforts between citizens, the business community, and all elected government positions.

Love For Community 

Angela’s love for the city of Newport News began as a little girl. She was raised and greatly influenced by her maternal grandmother, Newport News activist, freedom fighter and Public School teacher Sarah McPhatter-Goodrich. Some of Angela’s fondest childhood memories are wrapped around her Grandmother conversing with and assisting Mayor Jessie Rattley, Mary Sherwood Holt, Max Simerly, Margaret Keator, and Governor Doug Wilder in their careers. She and her older sister Eboni witnessed the diligent efforts of their Grandmother, as she traveled throughout Newport News volunteering at the polls, and attending City Hall and North Newport News Civic meetings. Their home was often the “go-to” location for those active in the community. There they would have strategy meetings to discuss how to make the city a better place. It is those memories that Angela holds most dear and where her passion to be a servant-leader in the community started. 

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