Technique Track Club

Founded by William & Charlene Moore

Community & Civic Duties 

Most often, Angela can be seen volunteering at youth track and field events across the city. She serves in Technique Track Club’s Administrative Department and is the team’s Fundraiser Coordinator.


Angela is a classroom mom and PTA Vice-President. She believes in our education system and promotes partnerships between parents and the community for the betterment and continued success of all children.


In addition, Angela volunteers her services as a family and marriage coach throughout the city. Most recently, Angela co-created “Mom & Me,” a group that promotes healthy relationships between mothers and their daughters, the celebration of womanhood, and the building of strong partnerships and bonds between women. 

Mom & Me 2019 Workshop

At Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center

Angela offers one-on-one training for resume writing techniques and facilitates “job readiness” workshops to equip individuals for interviews and the workforce. She is a financial and career advisor to young adults and new business owners in the community. Focusing on the “train them to fish” method to equip and empower families to make sound financial decisions and investments.

Angela serves on the USS Newport News Liaison Committee. The committee, in collaboration with the ship's Commanding Officer and crew, are responsible for creating activities that encourage a continuous interest between the ship, It's crew and our beloved city. It also arranges appropriate recognition and liaison activities, to raise funds in support of this effort.

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